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Bodacious Box [APR ’23]


April, 2023

Frog’s Sour Smooch #1
16oz can, ABV 6%
From the inventive minds of the Hoppin’ Frog Brewers comes another lip-smackin’ kettle sour with a uniquely tasty blend of fruit added. A magnificent combination of sweet and tart designed to enlighten and delight your senses!

Pete’s Amazing Amburana Black Lager
16oz can, ABV 11.9%
A special beer we brewed with our friend Pete, inventor of his legendary and infamous Wicked Ales! An intense black German-style schwarzbier, that was aged on toasted Amburana wood. This is a really special wood that Pete was anxious to brew with, in a collaboration beer with Hoppin’ Frog Brewery. Amburana adds a unique and amazing spicy character that is reminiscent of cola, cinnamon, cherry, and vanilla!

Watermelon Turbo Shandy Citrus Ale
12oz can, ABV 7%
Don’t miss our latest addition to the Turbo Shandy Citrus Ale family of delicious flavors! Juicy watermelon flavors are captured in this beer. A crisp refreshing ale everyone can enjoy. Cheers!!

Froggy-Style Shenanigans Irish Red
8.45oz can, ABV 14.5%
Rich and malty, with layers of lightly caramelized, medium, and highly caramelized dark malt flavors. These create the perfect balance with an alluring toffee and biscuity flavor, and a touch of roasty dryness in the finish. Sláinte!!!

Two-Pepper Irish Stout
12oz can, ABV 9.6%

Take this tasty, peppered journey into the roasty goodness of our dry Irish-style stout, with layers of flavors from expertly selected malts, and two types of pepper with an invigorating fast heat straight to the back of the throat!

Peach Pecan Turbo Shandy
12oz can, ABV 7%

The juicy peach and rich pecan flavors of Texas nicely complement this refreshing crowd pleaser. This ain’t our first rodeo, we wrangled these two complimentary flavors together to create a unique and tasty combination.

Peanut Butter Hazelnut Caramel Chocolate Cake Stout
12oz can, ABV 8%

This two-time gold medal winning decadent pastry-style stout features layers of luxurious peanut butter and hazelnut flavors interlaced with luscious chocolate notes.

Smashing Cherry Blonde
12oz can, ABV 5.2%
Crisp and refreshing, with a splash of cherry flavor to add a great taste, and some fun – it’s simply smashing!

Dankster Frog IPA
16oz can, ABV 7.5%
Super dank and delicious hop character with an assertive, deep, and far-out hop aroma and flavor. Bright, spicy citrus hop character is up front, with a distinct orange and tropical fruit hop bouquet to add a welcome complexity and strike the perfect balance. It’s all about the hoppy dankness in Dankster Frog IPA.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake
16oz can, ABV 7%

A juicy pineapple taste and aroma adds a delightful tropical compliment to the refreshing lemon and light malt flavors of this citrus ale. Complex and satisfying, taking citrus ales to a whole new level.

Rocky Mountain Barrel-Aged T.O.R.I.S. The Tyrant Triple Imperial Stout
8.45oz can, ABV 13.8%

Aged in very special Colorado whiskey barrels to add a magnificent, complex and satisfying character to our T.O.R.I.S. The Tyrant Triple Imperial Stout.  All these great flavors make this rare version a testament to our hard work and dedication in bringing our customers the very best.

Plum Tuckered-Out Double Double Porter
8.45oz can, ABV 16.8%
An abundance of plum makes this powerhouse of a porter amazingly smooth and delicious. Aromas of raisin and dark fruit abound, creating an immensely satisfying complexity and depth.
A marathon of fermentation, when brewer’s yeast pushes to this level of alcohol at 16.8% its PLUM TUCKERED-OUT!

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