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Bodacious Box [Apr ’24]


April 2024

Sextuple Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale
8.45oz can, ABV 16.4%

Our Sextuple Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale is a landmark beer! This new beer style is like a quadruple that is malty sweet, brown in color, and has its signature richness and complexity! But, our Sextuple is super-charged for more flavor, and ultimately more enjoyment! It’s time to treat yourself to the good stuff! Cheers!!

Ecliptic Party Hopper Black IPA
16oz can, ABV 6.8%
Ecliptic Party Hopper Black IPA uses a special Thiolized yeast to deliver bright notes of citrus that complement the unique combination of hops used to make this innovative Black IPA! Assertive mango and pineapple flavors and aromas are expressed from the hops, balancing perfectly with the smokier dark malt blend, while a strong dry hop brings forward a nose heavy with pineapple and pine forest.

Brother Kazoo Mix | Dirty Chai Baltic Porter
16oz can, ABV 9.2%
Each sip of our rich porter is like a song on a worn mix tape, offering a familiar melody of liberating rock, heartbreaking ballads and rebellious anthems. Awaken a tingle of emotions, with unexpected flavors, like coffee and chai spices and create a harmony that transcends individual notes. Reminding yourself that life, like music is best savored because of its complexity.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Cake Stout
16oz can, ABV 8%
We took our two-time gold medal winning Peanut Butter Hazelnut Caramel Chocolate Cake stout and aged it in specially selected Bourbon barrels! Delight in the rich and decadent character of this gourmet cake-flavored stout and experience the added layers of complexity from the barrel-aging process! Hints of oak, vanilla, and dried fruits give this amazingly delicious stout a flavor like no other! Dive in and treat yourself to the good stuff!

Frogarita Turbo Shandy Citrus Ale
12oz can, ABV 7%

The refreshing citrus flavors of the Caribbean are captured in this beer!  Whether you’re running around in the summer sun, or just wish you were, this beer will surprise, delight, and satisfy your taste buds – Ay Caramba!

German Chocolate Cake Stout
16oz can, ABV 8%

The rich, decadent character of this gourmet stout will fill your senses with friendly, familiar flavors and aromas of yesteryear. Take a trip back in time and enjoy all the memories that this stout will invoke.

Brandy Barrel-Aged Pentuple
8.45oz can, ABV 15.4%
This is a great opportunity to try this rare and unique version of our Gold Medal winning Pentuple! We rested our award-winning Pentuple in Brandy barrels to create this distinct flavor!

Barrel-Aged D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer Oatmeal Imperial Stout
16oz can, ABV 12.4%
Aged in Bourbon whiskey barrels to add a wonderful complexity to our massive American Double Imperial Stout. This barrel aging imparts a memorable buttery, vanilla-like, and savory whiskey character, making this one of our most complex beers we’ve ever brewed. Another testament to our hard work and dedication in bringing our customers the very best.

Speaker Cranker Overdriven Stock Ale
12oz can, ABV 6.9%
Collaborating with Market Garden Brewery, we brewed this specifically for a fun summer music event organized by the Cleveland Lottery League. “A smooth, golden, all-malt beer enhancement device (i.e., not a booster) designed to give your experience some extra fun and a slight boost without drastically altering your tone!”

Smashing Pecan Blonde
12oz can, ABV 5.2%

Crisp and refreshing with a hint of pecan flavor to add some awesomeness and some fun, our Smashing Pecan Blonde is simply smashing!

Pete’s Perfect Palo Santo Black Lager
16oz can, ABV 11.9%

An intense schwarzbier – a black German-style lager – with sweet malt and vanilla flavors, and an uplifting, complex aroma. It has a memorable, long finish with lots of roasted malt and caramel flavor, and the ABV is well hidden. It is aged on Palo Santo, a uniquely aromatic hardwood from South America. The special wood adds heavenly aromas and flavors that Pete says will give you a religious experience!

Rocky Mountain Barrel-Aged T.O.R.I.S.
The Tyrant Triple Oatmeal Imperial Stout
8.45oz can, ABV 13.8%

Aged in very special Colorado whiskey barrels to add a magnificent, complex and satisfying character to our T.O.R.I.S. The Tyrant Triple Imperial Stout.  All these great flavors make this rare version a testament to our hard work and dedication in bringing our customers the very best.

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