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Bodacious Box [Dec ’22]

Everything you need to know about your Bodacious Beer Box!

December, 2022

Den Haag English-Style Imperial Old Ale

Picked by Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine as
One of The Top 20 Beers in 2022!!

This quintessential English-Style Old Ale is a masterpiece, with each sip being a delicious new experience! Notes of figs, molasses, and leather fill your senses all mingling with wood, vanilla, and dried fruit. We painstakingly researched and brewed a special batch of Black Treacle just for this beer! Then we aged Den Haag in specially selected and rare bourbon barrels, all creating a memorable and satisfying character!

Rocky Mountain Barrel-Aged Muileann Toir T.O.R.I.S. Triple Imperial Stout

A super complex, super-satisfying character is imparted from both Rocky Mountain and Irish 100% malt whiskey barrels. Together they add unique, very nice, smooth and spicy flavors to our rich and roasty triple imperial stout.

Pomegranate Turbo Shandy Citrus Ale

Plump Pomegranate flavor is captured in this beer. A Crisp refreshing ale everyone can enjoy. Cheers!
Barrel Aged Frogichlaus Swiss-style Celebration Lager

The 2022 Brussels Beer Challenge Silver-medal-winner and The 2021 Australian International Beer Awards Gold-medal-winner in the Wood and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer category, Barrel-Aged Frogichlaus brings a malty taste and aroma that barrel aging adds, creating more depth and a satisfying complexity.

Imperial Berliner Weisse

Our Imperial Berliner Weisse is the perfect 50/50 blend of Pilsen and White Wheat, to create the beer Germans nicknamed “Champagne Of The North”. It has the refreshing mild sourness, with the traditional light and fruity character for a well-rounded beer.

Smashing Honey Blonde

Crisp and refreshing, with a splash of honey to add some pizzazz and some fun.  Light and easy-drinking, it’s the perfect libation to beat the heat – it’s simply smashing!

Frosted Frog Christmas Ale

The essence of Christmas is captured in this great beer! Perfectly blended spices compliment Frosted Frog’s rich malt flavors, creating the ultimate Christmas experience. Celebrate the holidays as you savor this very special seasonal offering.

Killa Vanilla Extraordinary IPA V2

Behold the wild combination of flavor and aroma of our vanilla IPA. These are two great tastes that together will open your eyes to the inventive side of brewing! Welcome to our world, where we apply engi-beer-ing knowledge to create new beers the likes of which are seldom experienced. Open your eyes to Hoppin’ Frog and open your eyes to the world of beer!

Hangar 420 Series All Along The Terp Tower

Our first beer featuring the wonderful character of cannabis has been released! Share it with like-minded neighbors and friends, many will be surprised and delighted with the fresh cannabis flavor and aroma! That comes from strain-specific terpenes – botanical compounds that were extracted and isolated. They create a great chillin’ tribute to nature when added to this mellow blonde ale – enjoy!

Captain Ahab and the Great White Raspberry Cheesecake

Captain Ahab is hell-bent on catching the famous White Raspberry Cheesecake, which cost him one of his kegs in a previous voyage. With disregard for his safety or that of his crew, he pursues the beast with an obsession tantamount to Cheesecake madness.

This delicious beer was a result of a Brew Experience that was donated to the 12th Annual Huntington Towpath Century Ride, which raised donations that benefit the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition! The non-profit organization is dedicated to developing the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath trail as a recreational and cultural asset in Summit, Stark, Cuyahoga, and Tuscarawas Counties.

Rocky Mountain Barrel-Aged Frog’s Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale

The smooth, spicy character of our GABF Gold-medal-winning pumpkin ale is very nicely complimented and elevated by aging in special rare whiskey barrels from the Rocky Mountains.

These have been fired to a #4-plus char, so they impart a more roasty character. And the whiskey was made from 100% malted barley, without rye or wheat, and without corn or other fillers like Bourbon whiskeys. This creates a fuller, mellower, and more roasty whiskey, which makes these Rocky Mountain limited releases super tasty, and that much more special.

Port Wine Barrel-Aged Pentuple

A Barrel-Aged variant of our 2021 Gold Medal winning 15.4% Pentuple. This new beer style is a Belgian-style Pentuple! It’s just like a Trippel that’s somewhat hoppy, light in color, and has its signature fruity and complex character. But our Pentuple is super-charged for more flavor, and ultimately more enjoyment at 15.4% ABV!


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